Thursday, January 18, 2007

You know College is kicking your ass when...

- You realize you haven't slept for a few days.
- You find yourself stressing out about life more than actually having one.
- You've found a comfortable niche in a library that feels more homey than your actual home.
- You have taken a class with your boyfriend/girlfriend to insure that you get to see them at least two hours a week.
- You have coffee running through your veins instead of blood.
- Sometime over the past few days you have thought to yourself "i hate my life"
- You count down the days until the weekend... and then when it finally gets there... you think, even if just for a brief moment "wow I'm almost too exhausted to go out" (and then of course you do anyways, since you've learned to live on caffeine, alcohol, and almost no sleep)
- A night when you get to bed before 2am has become a fond memory of the past.
- You have fallen asleep during a lecture (or maybe even a discussion)
- As soon as you get finished with one mid-term or huge assignment, you get to take about 3 deep breaths before starting the next one.
- You procrastinate doing homework by sitting at your computer and refreshing one of the following:~your email (hoping someone loves you enough to send you something)~your facebook homepage (hoping someone is leading a more exciting life than you)~the yahoo sports page (yes EVEN if none of your fantasy players are playing)
- You could go pro in an event called the "write, print, and run to class"
- You never get a good amount of sleep... and on nights when you can, you lay in bed, unable to sleep, because your mind is racing with thoughts of how little sleep you get (vicious cycle)
- You really wouldn't be ALL THAT surprised to find a gray hair somewhere on your head
- If you tried to squeeze ONE more activity into your day... you might have to cut out the time you spend breathing... or blinking...
- Wearing something other than sweatpants or pajama bottoms feels odd
- The quality time that you spend with your close friends or significant other is time you spend at the library together studying
- At some point in your college experience you have honestly considered dropping out and thought that maybe working at mcdonalds for the rest of your life wouldn't be THAT bad...
- You have spent time when you should have been writing a paper... creating a pointless facebook group instead.

- "you feel like you need to quit your job, just so you dont fail!"
- "You know college is kicking your ass when you're in the library until they kick you out, but you're still not done with your work."
- "u spend ur weekends studying all day in the library and drinking all night"
- "you know the real term for coke and rum"
- "when you can squeeze 2.75 pages into 3.5"
- "work seems like the least stressful part of your day... despite the fact that you're trying to do homework while at work"
- "12 hours a day, 5-7 days a week with the same people and the most common response to any question is a grunt or a groan."
- "you know college is kicking your ass when the only time you really relax is when you get to your slacker class. ;-)"
- you have a 10 am class and you skip it every day because it's cutting into what little "sleeping" time you have.
- your being bitched at by the dean for drinking to much, the community service never seems to end, and despite all your efforts you can't get your grades over 2.0!
- when you feel smart till you get in class and the little fucker beside you got to same you out and shit
- when you have'nt eaten anything but ramen and bottled water for more than five days.
- your nap the next day is longer than how long you sleep at night.
- You're incredibly stressed out and can't even remember why.
- the only conversation you have all day that is not about school work is about this group. :( ouch.
- You say Fuck it! And sleep aaaaalll week.
- You can't find anyone free when you are and if you do you are too tired to go out.
- "You know college is kicking your ass when you cherish eating a meal with out having to do homework or group projects."
- you kno college is kickin' yar ass when lack of sleep is affectin' ya & ya get off the bus confused to which class ya have to go to next.
- You know college is kicking your ass when your adderall won't even work and you can't remember to add a reason as to why college is kicking your ass the FIRST time you write something on the wall of a facebook group.
- You know college is kicking your ass when you give up studying because you know your going to make a C anyway.
- You know college is kicking your ass when the most exciting thing you've gotten lately is a daily planner 2007-2008. Not to mention the 97 cent air freshener from walmart...
- when you start rotating what class your not gonna do homework in so you can do home work for other classes
- When you get home at 3:00 in the morning and throw a potato in a microwave because all you had to eat that day was way over sugared coffee and whatever you managed to snatch from the candy jar at your work.
- you know college is kicking your ass when you think about your assignments in your SLEEP
- You know college is kicking your ass when you drink coffee so often to pull an all nighter, that you can't concentrate on your homework without a cup.
- You know college is kicking your ass when... even your designated slacker class just hit you up with a term paper
- You know college is kicking your ass when you spend time while doing homework stressing about the other homework you should be doing.
- ...when you're taking 18hrs a semester... haha =) and have back to back tests at 0630 every morning three days in a row, after staying up til 3 to study for them...and you have to get up for reveille at 0600... daaaaaang...
- You know college is kicking your ass when you tell people not to call you because you have to get stuff done, but spend more time talking about what you have to get done instead of actually getting it done.
- you know college is kicking your ass when food is no longer a biological need because your body runs on caffine
- You know when college is kicking your ass when you can drink a red bull and go to sleep since they have no affect on you anymore.
- You know college is kicking your ass when you live on a steady diet of Juston Stix and Mountain Dew.
- You know college is kicking your ass when you have 4 essays and a midterm all due within 3 days of each other and you are out drinking instead :)
- You know college is kicking your ass when you skip class to do homework for the class you skipped...Or when all of your teachers have turned you over to the support center for failing grades


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Anonymous said...

God... I'm just a lowly high school sophmore. I'm going to have nightmares about this for the next two years.

Lo said...

I love this, very accurate. I definitely have more coffee on my veins than blood...