Monday, May 08, 2006

Student Rant: Google Da Vinci Code quest # 22 : Chess Challenge

Hello folks... welcome back to another day of the Google Da Vinci Code webquests.

Today's challenge is being called the "Chess Challenge"

The instructions are as follows
"Ian McKellen is Sir Leigh Teabing, a man whose every move has been in preparation for a Grail Quest.

Determine the only sequence of three moves that will lead to checkmate the given chess scenario. Knowledge of The Da Vinci Code may help you, as may Google Web search.

Question # 1: The leading member of the Priory of Sion is called

a. The Duegard
b. Iluminati
c. The Chief
4. The Nautonnier

A Google search can give you the right answers. A more effective place in on here

Question # 2: Which of these men was not rumored to be a Priory of Sion member?

a. Nicolas Poussin
b. Sir Issac Newton
c. Francois Mitterrand
d. Victor Hugo

For this answer, under the Wikipedia entry for Priory of Sion, we can find the answer.

Hint: Most of the above people were rumored to be the grandmasters of the Priory of Sion.

Question # 3: What is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility?

a. Shiva
b. Isis
c. Gaia
d. Nerio

A simple google search would give you the right answer. In some cases, if you scroll down the results on the first page, the answer is in the description for some of the search results.

Good luck solving !!

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Anonymous said...

well that was easy

Anonymous said...

I used this site to find my answers.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Very easy today!

Anonymous said...

leading member of priory of sion

which of these men was not rumoured to be a priory
of sion member

Nicolas ...

egyptian goddess of fertility:

Anonymous said...

Extremely Easy Puzzle Today.

Anonymous said...

very easy, and no additional question at the end!!

Anonymous said...

2 more days ....

Jonathan said...

Cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

It will be a let down when all the challenges are completed. I look forward to doing them everyday!

Anonymous said...

even when this phase of challenges is done, there is Phase 2 of the Da Vinci Code contest. It should be nerve-wracking and interesting to say the least!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know anything about a Phase 2 - exciting!

Anonymous said...

two more days! everyone here is super cool!

johnnyyyyyyy said...

heh after a long time i had seen coool comments :D

Anonymous said...

Today was really easy. 2 more days. I hope I make it to the 2nd phase. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about this second phase, can someone illuminate me?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah the 2nd phase is gonna be good, the price draw:))

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