Friday, April 14, 2006

The Bike ride

Yesterday was very stressful. It's April and the best time for professors to turn into Emperor Palpatine. I needed a break. The force within me is being stretched to it's limits. I decide to do something and walk towards my flat-mate's room. Now unlike me, a CS Major, he is a mathematician . He is one of those mathematicians whose goal in life is to reduce the essential mechanisms of the universe into a finite set of algorithms. He needed a break too. He is a biker and told me he would rent one more and teach me to ride a bike.

I scoffed at him saying that i don't need any tutoring. While he was away to rent the bike, i googled quicky on the gear mechanisms in a bike. Soon, the bike was there and i learnt my ropes quicky and pretty soon, i was on my way, in and around the parking area.

That night, we felt brave and decided to bike to the nearby donut shop. The ride goes smooth and while hot-rodding back to my place with the order of day-old donuts, we raised the ire of a campus police officer. He rolled out of his parking lot hiding place with siren and lights blazing. We were ahead of him at a T intersection, just three blocks from home. A quick conversation confirmed that there was no reason for both of us to get caught, so my friend turned right , and I turned left towards my place.

My heart beating ,since I had no permit to drive a mo-bike, I made a sharp left. Unfortunately, my karma lucked out and the police officer chose to follow me. I jumped the curb at a dairy barn, and crossed the back lawn towards my place; the police car was unable to follow. I scurried inside with our donuts. Another motorcycle friend of mine was working on his machine outside where I had parked. A minute later, the officer I had eluded came driving up, looking over the row of motorcycles. Pointing to my motorcycle, he asked my friend how long the bike had been there. My friend told him “about 20 minutes.” The officer muttered an obscenity under his breath and departed. My friend came inside to collect his free donuts.


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out the answer to Quest 3 Question 1. I know that it should be fleur-de-lis but it won't take my answer. What did you put?

Anonymous said...

Remove the dases dumbass.

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