Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Quest # 2 on Google

If you did not solve quest # 1 , go here to sign up at Google and come back here for instructions on how to solve it.

Quest # 2 is here folks. It is being called as Restoration challenge.

The instructions are " Alfred Moline is Manuel Aringarosa, a Bishop dedicated to preserving, if not restoring, conservative values.

A question is hidden in plain sight on this classic work of art- parts of the question are unclear, obscured by debris. Clear the particles of debris by selecting pairs that are separated by one space- they will merge into one particle. When there is only one particle left, the question will be revealed. Ignore any text obscured by the last particle and solve the mystery."
How to approach this puzzle
The important thing to note here is that the whole picture is not selectable. The selectable items are marked with the change in the mouse pointer. For this puzzle, click on a debri that selects another piece of debri
2. Select the piece of debri on the bottom left. Another piece of debri is selected. Select the blank space before that and click. The two pieces of debri will merge
3. Continue in this way, until there is just one debri. Click on the blank space adjacent to it. Always remember, only click on parts of the picture which are clickable.
4. Solved!!!

Again, we are asked another question.

The question is " Name the symbol on Manuel Aringarosa, pictured at left".

I googled for the picture name online and my first entry of "cross" did not work. My second entry was chalice... figured give it a shot since yesterday was the male symbol "blade". Again, google tells us to go to sodarktheconofman.com.

Figured there has to be a hidden component in the flash section there. I think so because in Sony's website, when the original trailers started coming out, there was a section of the movie website which is 'locked off' until you find a number of symbols (six) within the original Flash animation (click on 'Da Vinci Gallery') which showcases many of DaVinci's art pieces. These symbols are quite easily found, as they glow a little - they are: a triangle (the 'blade') in the Mona Lisa, an ankh on the wrist of St John the Baptist, a Greek cross in Madonna of the Rocks, a Christian cross on the necklace in The Anunciation, a Fleur-de-Lys in the hair of the next image, an an upside down triangle (the 'chalice') in front of Jesus in The Last Supper.

Once all these symbols have been found and clicked on, the 'hidden part' of the site is unlocked, and these symbols are presented in a panel and can be clicked upon (more on this soon).

I tried in viewing the gallery flash again. No luck this time. However, in plain text, was a character bio. Each character again is associated with a symbol and the name of the symbol is given.

So, for this quest, click on Manuel Arigarosa, and the name of the symbol is shown at the bottom of the page with a description.

Good luck solving!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great site, thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

Terrx Pebff

Anonymous said...

greek cross

Anonymous said...

omg thnx, i was stuck on this one for like 2 hours now,... xD

Anonymous said...

Questions 3 is cake.

Anonymous said...

yup i agree

Anonymous said...

whew, thanks for the help!

~The Scuba Skipper.

Anonymous said...

what are the answers to quest 3 besides fleur de lis.pls email me bck @ pollylover1@yahoo.com.thnkx

Anonymous said...

any one got the greek cross at the palazzo di veneiza? I have been looking for hours!

Anonymous said...

Answers for curator challenge
1. Fluer de lis
2. The vitruvian man
3. 5

Took me long enough to solve

Anonymous said...

equal-armed cross

Anonymous said...

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