Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Vending machine

Well, what has come to be an accepted curse in college life, assignments are now integral to me. I just finished up on my latest project, to build test cases for a vending machine. Now, why on earth would someone want to test a vending machine. I found out a lot more details through my research and the number of variables is pretty interesting. You have to take care of expired food, temperature control, inventory lists... and the list goes on. Feel like hacking the dam thing. All day, I have been thinking of vending machines, I suddenly have a craving for a stiff drink.

I walk outside towards one of the vending machines. I meet a buddy of mine on the way
"Wat's up?" ...
"Wat's up?" ... was the reply

I continue towards my destination. I arrive finally. A freshman blond was there checking out the available items. I make sure Amanda is not around and continue to check out behind... ahem with her. I punch in the code and get my fresh input of caffeine into my system. I look at her and smile... she smiles back.

The force gnaws

Now, I am torn in chatting with her and meditate with her, help remove her conflict of interests, or getting back to my room and indulge in a different kind of meditation: this journal. Now girls bring in good solace, but i think there is value in inward deep, too. I want to go back and plug away on my computer. I smile back again and walk back. Perhaps thse trivial detailings of my days, have sensitized me to an inner voice I could not perceive before.

Just before i turn the corner, i look back and see another, i guess a freshman dude talking to her. Ah!

Its 5:30 in the morning. I finally finish up my assignment. Looks like my 11AM class is a skip tomorrow. Time to catch a few winks