Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A new beginning

WoW, I never thought I would be writing my own blog one day. Well, today, I was watching 'The Truman Show', a Jim Carrey movie... wonderful movie really with my girl friend, lets call her Amanda and at that point she suggested me something. Now, Amanda has been one my closest confidant besides being my girl friend, where our conversations have always helped me clarify matters, though she was no mentor -- rather, could be a good friend and closest thing to being a guy without bringing all the girly stuff, well at least for the most part. She never told me what to think but helped me how to find the answers myself.

She made a suggestion I admit I considered absurd.

"You should try keeping a journal," she said.

"A journal?" I echoed. "Do you mean I should write a book?"

"No, no," smiled Amanda. "I mean like a diary."

"Like a teenage girl?"

"Well, not entirely unlike a teenage girl, I suppose.

"I promise you Student, it helps."

And so I have decided to make good on Amanda's advice and have begun this journal. I do not know how long the experiment will last, but I admit that I wanted to keep a track of all the stuff I go through and hopefully through my blog, I will be able to show you a glimpse in a college student's life.

Welcome to the Student Rant.

Okay, introductions first. As you might have guessed, I am a student, a college student. I shall remain anonymous but I shall be giving out relevant details pertaining to my blog. I am a male, going to a technical university in the good ol' United States of America.

So what will this blog be? Well, for starters, it will give you a glimpse into my life going through the rigors and grinds of a college life. I have a dream, that some years down the line, when I have a real job, I will still be able to continue my story, well... because the show has to go on. Also, to keep you getting bored by listening or reliving tidbits from my life, I will be posting comments about interesting technical stories, stories from my classes, stuff I learn, acquire, plagiarize... ok not really but you get the idea.

Keep an i out for future posts