Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Da Vinci Code Quest # 9: Curator Challenge

Hello everyone... welcome back to Quest # 9 of the Google Da Vinci Code webquests.

Today's challenge is being called "The Curator Challenge"

The instructions are as follows
"Audrey Tautou is Sophie Neveu, a Police Department Cryptographer with a special connection to the murdered curator of the Louvre.

Use your curator's eye to hang the works of art such that the hooks match those on the gallery wall. Not all of the hooks on the gallery wall will necessarily be used. Some art may have already been placed and cannot be moved.

So... let's get started.
Guidelines: As we can see from here, we are given 8 different paintings of different sizes. Also, observe that some of the hooks might be in the middle of the painting as shown in the picture of the left. Also, you cannot go outside the given space and you cannot overlap one picture over or under another picture. Important HINT: If the paintings just drop either to the bottom of the floor, or if you place a painting at the bottom of the floor and it bounces of the floor, it is not hooked up.

How it might differ from yours: It might vary by having some pictures already hooked on the wall. Also, the number of pictures might vary. The second time i solved it, i had one painting already hooked up and just five more paintings to choose from. The third time, i had none hooked on but 7 paintings. Remember, follow the approach and you should be okay

Step # 1: Browse through your picture selection and hook the biggest picture first. In this case, it is the painting shown in the above image. Place it so that it occupies the least amount of hooks. Don't try to place it on the far left where it might get hooked, but, will take up more number or cover up more number of hooks. I place it on the left hand side.

Step # 2: Take the next biggest picture and place it. I place mine on the right side.

Step # 3: It is relatively straight forward from now on. Take care of the paintings that are horizontal and have 2 hinges first.

Step # 4: Clean up the rest of the paintings.

Once we are done, we are asked our daily trivia question of the day. In my case it was
" Where was Victor Hugo born?"

Note, your question might be different. Remember to just google the section contained in bold in your trivia question.

In this case, a simple google search, gives me the right answer.

Overall, this was relatively very easy compared the previous two quests, quest # 8 and quest # 7. Good luck solving !!

Something on the side: With today's quest being so simple, I tried to do some digging on the page we are given everyday. I came to the conclusion that Google did a pretty awesome job with making sure that the paintings shown to us are random. I had a theory that if in the URL of the page, I change the number or the random number in the end to the number I had, when I solved the quests, I thought it would replicate with the exact same settings. However, I was wrong. Google has some other way of randomizing it. I will keep digging and see what comes up. If any of you guys have any interesting theories, let me know... we can test them out.

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keeron said...

Wooho... Got it in the 2nd try ... the pics are infact random (even the number of them shown).

My question: Which month did Charles Nodier die? (Google to the rescue)

Anonymous said...

(aka. OldEnuffMom)
My question was " What month did Jean Cocteau die?"
Thanks, student! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is also a good source for figuring out the "Death" month


Anonymous said...

Please do not remove existing links and text from Wikipedia articles in order to gain traffic to your site - Wikipedia does not exist to provide you with such a service. Continuation of such practices will result your URL being banned from Wikipedia's pages. The Da Vinci Code article in question on Wikipedia has been restored from our archives. Do NOT do that again. You may only remove or amend text and links that are either dead or incorrect. Wikipedia is a service that relies on the honesty of its users, and we will not tolerate intentional misuse of our service for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Our apologies. The user who was making the changes came from http://googlefact.blogspot.com/ , and it apperas they are duplicating your content.

Anonymous said...

my question was "What year did Claude Debussy die?" I'm enjoying the slight randomness of it all...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey student.. some serious shit comments today. I don't know if you followed up on that Wikipedia comments, but i checked it out for you. I personally used that link on Wikipedia to check out this blog 4 days ago. I followed it up today and looks like the link to this has been erased and replaced by the anonymous posting.. that some googlefact retards have their link in there. I am going to report this and complain against googlefact

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that complaint since i have been talking with the wikipedia moderators for the past 2 days. Don't count on it helping much.

Anonymous said...

Heads up for the webmaster here -
Some asshole from googlefact.blogspot.com keeps deleting everyone elses Da Vinci Code webquest links from Wikipedia, and their content is just copied from this site student-rant.blogspot.com anyway - look at the posting times.

The asshole's site is for the new goolge quest anyway, not the original webquests, so dont know why they keep deleting links for the original webquests as well. Just a fucking selfish asshole.

Student said...

Thanks for watching out for this blog guys!! Personally I don't care if he adds/removes his link, but why do you have to remove mine. The webmaster of googlefact emailed me earlier last week asking to link up. However, the only reason I didn't do that is he posts the solutions. If there are pictures, he shows solved pictures and also provides answers to the trivia questions. I want my visitors to be able to enjoy their webquests and post their discussions here. For the same reason, I will never post direct answers here on this blog. If you want to save yourself some time, maybe after you read the discussions here, go over and read in the googlefact blog. Somehow he seems to be a super whiz kid because all the webquests so far, atleast most of them, he solves them under 2 min. Wow.. oh well.

Thanks for the support guys... we will keep our quest going.


Luke said...

The quests so far haven't been overally difficult. I find the most difficult part is giving the correct answer for the quesiton, they are really crazy about punctuation and captialization I've found.

Manan said...

I agree, even though if you search the right terms, you can find the answers to all the questions on google.
I believe this challenge is one of the easiest so far, since you can always move around the paintings you placed until you finally get it.

My question was "What year did Galileo die?" -- apparently, I think everybody got a question about someone's birth place/year or the place/year of somebody's death.

Anonymous said...

my question was 'in square kilometers, what is the area of paris?'

answer: 105

(Google wanted such a simple answer, at first I put 150 SQ KM, but it was wrong. Then 150. So I guess if they are just asking for area, length, measurements, they only want the number.)

Anonymous said...

how do you know the guy from googlefact solves them under two minutes? at what times are these puzzles released anyway? or are they random/

Anonymous said...

i belive he mentions that in this blog.Here is a quote"Here we are on the 8th puzzle and I solved this one in the shortest time yet. Literally less than 2 minutes and that’s including flash loading/animation time".

cocky mofo

Anonymous said...

I received the ISBN 019815254X question also. A quick google returned a link to barnesandnoble.com with a brief book description:

This book, which is the first comprehensive study of its subject, shows how one traditionally esteemed author, the Roman poet Virgil, played an unexpectedly significant role in the shaping of Venetian Renaissance culture.....

From this I entered "Virgil" (no quotation marks) and it was correct! :)

god said...

We at http://assfucked.blogspot.com/ strongly urge all visitors to this site to stop in at our site and read what the lowlife Googlefact has been up to, and then boycott his site and link to and use the other sites available on the net (links provided on our site). Googlefact James is a piece of shit.

shmily said...

day 10 done

Anonymous said...

I was wondering... Does anyone know when each puzzle comes out each day?

Anonymous said...

I am not being able to view the video...!!