Friday, April 21, 2006

Student Rant: The Da Vinci Code quest # 5 on Google

Hello folks, it's day 5 of the Da Vinci Code Google webquests.

Today's challenge is being called " The Chess Challenge "

The Instructions are
" Ian McKellen is Sir Leigh Teabing, a man whose every move has been in preparation for a Grail Quest. Determine the only sequence of three moves that will lead to checkmate in the given chess scenario. Knowledge of The Da Vinci Code may help you, as may Google Web Search. "

Okay ... let's play chess.
This is the original layout given to us. I want to play chess rather than query the questions given to us, but i have a feeling from the previous posts that Google might change the location of the queen or the rook or any other chess items on the board. So i decided to approach the questions itself.

Question # 1: What is the spiked belt that Silas wears called.

Anyone who read the Da Vinci code should be able to answer this question. However a Google search for the question brings up a query on Amazon as the top search result. You don't even need to click on the link. The answer is in the summary itself.

Question # 2: What are the second, third and fourth leading members of the Priory of Sion called?

Again, anyone who read the Da Vinci code should find this easy pickings. For the rest, a google search is very confusing with no answers jumping out of the screen.

For this, go to the Wikipedia entry of the Da Vinci Code and in there, surprisingly, the only mention of the answer is under the profile description of André Vernet

Question # 3: The engraved tablet that is supposed to reveal the hiding place of the Holy Grail is called the

Again, easy pickings for those who read The Da Vinci Code.

A Google search for this question again gives out wierd results.

Again, wikipedia to the rescue. The answer to the question would be under the profile decription of the name of the person in all these above pictures.

Finally we are done. This would have been a fair enough challenge if it was purely chess based. However, the questions give enough hints and the answers are so obvious that they stand out.

I am starting the judge on how hard the questions are, based on the time it takes me to post everyday. So far, I took the longest time on quest # 1 and the times keep coming down.

I hope this trend changes down the line. Also, if we look in our personalized google home page at, tomorrow's quest would be something based on geography. Hopefully this means using google maps and hopefully, we have to decrypt the longitude and latitude of the location based on some anagram. Hopefully!

Until then, Good luck solving!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, i don't have the same chess but the same questions

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Thanks for the help with The Da Vinci Quest!

Anonymous said...

i didn't read the book, but my google searches were way better than your cut'n'paste from the questions...add a bit of chess knowledge and it was 1-2-3, easy.

Brandon said...

i am pretty sure he could have had better google queries, but i guess he was targetting the 90% out there who in usual circumstances would just copy paste the question

dennis said...

dude.. you should read the book. I mean am not the book/novel reading kinda guy, like i dont read harry potter or lord of the rings or any of that sort, but i got hooked onto this book. It's good stuff.

I think on Amazon u can get it for like 7 bucks or something.

Ben said...

Quality blog! keep up the good work & cheers for the help!

brandon said...

Ya just double checked.. its like 7 bucks on Amazon.. cheaper than the 21 bucks in here.

Although i must point out that the 7 bucks one is a paperback and this is like a much nicer book.. with exclusive features and stuff. Still a good deal though i guess.. but i would go for the cheaper one.

Hey student.. maybe you should post the 7 buks link here

Anonymous said...

These are too easy, I solve them first and then come here to see what others thought. You must be getting tons of traffic from this but what happens when it all ends oO

Anonymous said...

i guess it will be student ranting. I liked his earlier blogs before the da vinci saga began. So i am optimistic

Planga said...
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Planga said...

My board had 2 kings and two bishops, and when I had the "answer" right neither king was even in check.

I guess "checkmate" is defined as "if you make a really really stupid/illegal move after this point."

My white king could take the black bishop beside him, and with the black king two spaces away, there is no way white can lose. In fact, with the white bishop being the only other piece on the board, white has to win (though any sensible players would call it a draw because it would take forever to get to that point, or as Google would have it, some amazingly stupid moves).

Lukia said...

hm...challenge 6 isn't out yet. how disappointing.

Manan said...

The chess challenge was fairly easy this time, but I'm hoping it will be more challenging on the next one.
This challenge was pointless because it had the opponent do some unbelievably stupid move to help you get checkmate.