Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google Da Vinci Code Quest # 11 : Chess Challenge

Hey all.. Welcome back. The quests were up a bit late on this site because of my finals. Anyways, today's challenge is being called The Chess Challenge

da vinci codeThe instructions are as follows
"Ian McKellen is Sir Leigh Teabing, a man whose every move has been in preparation for a Grail Quest.

Determine the only sequence of three moves that will lead to checkmate in the given chess scenario. Knowledge of The Da Vinci Code may hel you, as may Google Web Search"

So, let's play chess

da vinci codeQuestion #1: A word that can be read the same backwards or forwards is called

A quick google search gives us the answer in the description of the first result

Question # 2: Jacques Sauniere's body was found in which part of the Louvre?

google webquestsAgain, a quick Google search gives us the answer. I understand there might be a better search query, but if you scroll down the results towards the middle ,under the description for, we find the answer.

da vinci codeQuestion # 3: The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog is an example of

Again, a google search and then under the first result in Wikipedia, we find our answer.

Over all, if this was a pure chess quest, it might have been more of a challenge, but in the end turns out to be one of the easiest quests so far.

Good luck solving!!

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Anonymous said...

You mean Quest#11, right?

Anonymous said...

Yea that is what he means :'(

If the answers arent random, here they are:

1 Palindrome
2 The Denon Wing
3 Pangram

Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break its finals week. It's alright we all know it Question 11. Rock out on your final...

Anonymous said...

Leave some cryptic code for your prof :-)

Anonymous said...

no worries, it was a fairly easy one without your guidance.

rock your finals

Luke said...

That was by far the easiest one so far. Probably becuase I knew all the answers.

For the comment #2 regarding the answers, those are three I got.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they are all the same then.

Student said...

Thanks everyone for your patience. My final went super awesome. I was making the post about this being quest # 10 like couple of minutes before the test. Sorry about the goof up.

Anyways, it turned out to be one the easiest quests so far.

Good job everyone!

Planga said...

Once again my board did not result in checkmate, but the white king was at least in check this time.

Perhaps by the end of the challenge I'll get a proper setup.

Sean said...

Planga, you are the white pieces and you are trying to get the black king in checkmate. I haven't played a senario yet where the black king didn't end up in checkmate and I've played each of them a few times just to see the different setups.