Friday, April 28, 2006

Student Rant : Da Vinci Code webquest # 12

Hello everyone... welcome back to day 12 of the Google Da Vinci Code webquests.

 da vinci codeToday's challenge is being called the "Geography Challenge"

The instructions are as follows
" Paul Bettany is Silas, a man who in blind faith will do whatever it takes to track down a secret that must be destroyed, no matter where it leads him.

Assemble the jigsaw puzzle pieces to reveal and identify a geographical location."

There are 16 different jigsaw pieces here. Note: The number of jigsaw pieces might vary in your screen.

dan brownStep # 1: There are two pieces which contain text at the bottom identifying its google copyright. Assemble those two on the bottom right hand site. Notice that as soon as you lock those components in, the mouse pointer changes from a hand, indicating that you put the piece in the right place.

Step # 2: We will continue upwards on the right hand side. Through trial and error, fill up the section on the right hand side. Again, notice that if you put the right piece, that section is locked up.

da vinci codeStep # 3: Now, do the same, coming over to the left. Fill up bottom to the top, merging with the right hand side section.

Step # 4: Do the same, going from the bottom to the top... right to left side.

Once, we are done, unlike yesterday, we are asked a trivia question.

image of RomeThe trivia question we are asked is
" By adding some PIZAZZ to A NOVEL IDEA and rearranging the letters, you'll get the location of a museum in this eternal city. What is the name of the city?

Two hints for answering this
#1: The oval shaped structure on the bottom right is the colosseum.

#2: The city is the capital of the country where PIZAZZ or Pizza was supposed to have originated.

#3: If you do a Google search for eternal city either the second or the third link has the answer with the name of the city. - Thanks Tom Lage

Once, we are done with this, we are asked one more trivia question.

Palazzeo Di Venezia" Yes, Now find the Palazzo Di Venezia by clicking on a Greek cross hidden in the city"

For this, I had to go on to Google Maps.

Once you go to the google maps link mentioned above, click on the satellite view and room in until you see the colosseum. Get your bearings on where the highlighted pointer is which is the museum. Click on the location in your puzzle piece. The cross is uncovered.

Good luck solving!!

UPDATE: A lot of you complained in the comments and through email that you were not able to click on the cross. Hopefully this helps. The section where you need to click is circled. If you see a broad overview, a cross is in the middle in white.

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Anonymous said...

that was fast... i guess you are done with your finals huh!

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same questions. Is it just me or is Google done randomizing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get asked about the "novel idea" part or asked to rearrange anything. It simply asked me to name the city.

Allie said...

the answer is Rome and the Greek Cross is close to the top more to the left

Anonymous said...

i can't find the cross :( i keep clicking where google maps shows the museo nazionale del palazzo di venezia & nothing....

Anonymous said...

Same here. I've tried clicking at multiple locations, and it won't work. =\

Anonymous said...

Click the actual building, not the street... and it's the building on the south side of the street from where GoogleMaps shows it to be. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That sucked. I couldn't get it to work. How are you supposed to determine that it is the south side of the street from what google maps says! I am actually upset now.

Anonymous said...

That sucked. I couldn't get it to work. How are you supposed to determine that it is the south side of the street from what google maps says! I am actually upset now.

Anonymous said...

so is there something specific to put in the search box on the google maps page? I tried palazzo di venezia. I can't find it anywhere! help please

johnnyyyyyyy said...

Not much difficult
find the cross by google map easily
thnx for tips n e ways

johnnyyyyyyy said...

Try palazzo di venezia Rome
and you will find the cross just above the white big circle(centre top).. try this link

Anonymous said...

thank you sooooooo much johnnyyyyyyyyy, I finally found it, i'm such a dumb blonde

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the "South Side of the Street" hint. I kept clicking on the building...AGGGGHHHH!!!!

Tel said...

you can type Palazzo di venetia rome" into the google maps box and a marker will appear. Of course, then you will click at it for a while before you actually hit the pixel they want.

Anonymous said...

The Palazzeo Di Venezia can be found by clicking the south side of the block as it is seen on google maps.

Annoyed Da Vinci Code fan... said...

I swear I have clicked every pixel in that block, I can't get it to work...

Anonymous said...

click in the middle of the bottom left square attached to the building, hope that makes sense

Anonymous said...

I give up....I cannot find the right place to click. Ugh....

Brandon said...

look in his updated section.. see if this visual aid helps

Craig Duck said...

Day 12 is LAME!
The cross is in the wrong spot!
I never saw the cross in the game, I kept clicking on the intersections and building on the other side of the street.


Anonymous said...

It took me like an hour of scowering to find it and then I came here and realized that people aren't really even trying to look for it :( .

Its more fun to do it yourself then to just give up and just take easy answers. But for those that don't care, in the image posted in this blog - look for a greek cross

Heres an easier pic I created, click anywhere inside the red area

Anonymous said...

This is so aggravating, I found the location on Google maps and the section you are supposed to click on is not the correct location, that's bogus!!

Tharanga said...

hay I couldnt get the eternal city's name. can soembody tell me what it is?

Anonymous said...

oh finally, I cant imagine what I was thinking, Its rome.

~an* said...

this I find quite interesting, because of the fact that this is near the Vatican city, where Angels and Demons is partially set. Are they trying to promote other Dan Brown novels as well?

Timur said...

Hi Student, there is a typo on the right side of the 5th picture of this post. It's Palazzo di Venezia.

Student said...

Thanks Timur, edited

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who hasn't played this puzzle becuase it just won't load!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining and view this image

^ I created that image and it shows you where exactly to click

Anonymous said...

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